Unoccupied Landlord Insurance Video, MP3, & Image - Download

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Unoccupied Landlord Insurance Video, MP3, & Image - Download

Unoccupied Landlord Insurance Video, MP3, & Image - Lyrics

There may be times when your property is unoccupied for a number of weeks or months. Unoccupied house insurance ensures you're fully covered for unexpected events such as water damage, theft or malicious damage.

Kate came to us as her house was due to be unoccupied for a long period of time. After speaking with a specialist advisor she was able to get cover at the right price in 10 minutes.

Unoccupied property insurance doesn't need to be complicated. No matter if your house is for sale, undergoing renovation, or you're working overseas - you can be covered for all circumstances.


00:00 - Looking for unoccupied house insurance
00:30 - Which types of properties/scenarios can be covered?
1:07 - Benefits of unoccupied house insurance
1:51 - Our customer reviews

Where some insurers shy away from particular risks and perils of unoccupied house insurance, there are specialist providers who positively welcome the prospect of unoccupied property insurance – those of us here at UKinsuranceNET may be counted in their number.

The company is now recognised as one of the leading independent brokers offering bespoke products for landlords insurance, unoccupied property insurance, home and all other property protection products for both residential and commercial property. Wherever possible, UKinsuranceNET is able to offer online and immediate quotes and cover for virtually every type of property risk.

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