Paratha (pronounced [pəˈɾɑːtʰɑː]) is a flatbread native to South Asia, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago where wheat is the traditional staple. Paratha is an amalgamation of the words parat and atta, which literally. Make dough. 1. Add 2 cups or 250 grams whole wheat flour (atta), ¼ tsp salt (optional) and 2 tsps oil (optional) to a mixing bowl. 2. To knead the dough I use 1 cup water for 2 cups flour, it may vary slightly depending on the kind of flour. Add ¾ cup plain water over the salt and oil.

To make a square version of paratha, first flatten a medium-sized ball of dough on a lightly dusted board. Roll out to form a circle of about 4 to 5 inches in diameter. 13. Use a spoon to evenly spread some ghee or oil on the rolled dough. 14. Bring one side of the rolled dough towards the center and press lightly. Ajwain Ka Paratha - Carom Seed Paratha . I love these easy to make Parathas (pan-fried flatbread) and often eat them with pickle and yogurt! You can also serve them as an accompaniment to any main course vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish.

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Paratha recipes. A paratha is a deliciously flaky flatbread, made by brushing ghee on the dough and folding it over itself before re-rolling and frying in a dry frying pan. Try our easy paratha.

Dry heat a non-stick cast iron skillet. Brush the paratha with melted ghee and place it (brushed surface against the bottom of the pan) in the pan. Cook it over a medium heat, turn it over after 4 to 5 minutes, when the flatbread begins to smoke a little. Brush with ghee again and cook the other side for 3 to 4 minutes.

Golden-brown in color, flaky and layered, paratha is a type of Indian bread that is typically consumed for breakfast. The name comes from a combination of words parat and atta (flour), referring to the cooked, layered dough. It consists of whole wheat flour that is baked in ghee (Indian clarified butter) and comes in round, triangular, square, or heptagonal shapes.

9. Garlic Paratha. Generous dose of desi ghee added to garlic paste and yogurt to blend with the dough made of maida. Crispy, crunchy and refreshingly aromatic garlic paratha! This one is for all the garlic lovers. Pair this paratha with butter or cheese. Image credits: iStock. 10. Methi Paratha.

onion raita. Other favorites are: Beetroot raita - Beetroot raita is a healthy, very creamy yogurt dip that goes perfectly with Indian entrees and breads like paratha. This raita is a 20-minute, 5-ingredient recipe in the instant pot. Fresh and fun! Cucumber raita - Cucumber strips along with just a wee bit of garlic, cumin, paprika, and cilantro whisked lightly in yogurt makes for a super.

Aloo Paratha Recipe with 3 different ways to stuff & roll. Aloo Paratha are Indian Breakfast flatbreads made with whole wheat flour, boiled potatoes, spices & herbs. These flavorful and delicious stuffed Parathas are a staple in many North Indian homes, Dhabas & restaurants. These are most commonly topped with white butter and served alongside Pickle and Yogurt.

1. Cooking method. Both a paratha and chapati are cooked on a flat iron plate, also known as a griddle. However, when a chapati is cooked, no oil is used whatsoever. Instead, the dough is dry-fried in the pan until warm. Paratha, on the other hand, is always shallow fried. The dough is traditionally fried in ghee, an Indian butter that forms.

Repeat to make the rest of the parathas. Heat a frying pan over a medium heat. When it is hot fry each paratha for 1-2 minutes. Turn it over and fry for a further 2 minutes, until there are.

Method. For 8 people, put 300g each of wholemeal bread flour and plain flour into a bowl with a good pinch of sea salt. Gradually add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 400ml of semi-skimmed milk, mixing until combined, then knead for a few minutes on a flour-dusted surface. Leave to rest for 20 minutes, then divide the dough into 8 and thinly roll.

Paratha is an unleavened layered Indian flatbread that is traditionally made with stone ground whole wheat flour. A soft dough is made using flour, water, salt and a little oil, then after a short rest, it is rolled out into flatbreads. Parathas are always pan fried with ghee or oil, until they turn golden crisp.

Knead flour: In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Gradually add water to make a shaggy soft dough. Rub 1 tablespoon oil over dough. Cover with a cloth and let rest for 15-30 minutes. (Sometimes only requires 5-10 minutes of resting if the dough is very soft) Fill and wrap paratha:

Heat a heavy-based frying pan over a medium-low heat and add a rolled-out paratha. Cook dry for about 2-3 mins on one side, then flip over and cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes. When both sides become dry and start to colour, brush with a little ghee to get an even colouring and transfer to a foil-lined plate.

A paratha is a flatbread that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. Everyones favourite here.people call it with different names in different regions .pa.

Paratha is a staple North Indian breakfast that comes with a variety of stuffing. From Aloo Paratha and Gobhi Paratha to Pyaaz Paratha and Paneer Paratha, the list of variations go on and on.

Paratha is a type of flaky, layered flatbread common throughout South Asia. They can be simple — layered with your choice of fat (such as ghee, butter, or shortening) and rolled into a variety of shapes (such as square, round, or triangular) — or they can even be stuffed or filled, such as in aloo paratha or Mughlai paratha.

Flip the paratha and top with ¼ teaspoon ghee, spreading it evenly over the surface. Cook until light brown, 1 to 2 minutes. Gently press the paratha with the spatula to help the paratha cook evenly; be sure to press gently for a soft, flaky paratha. Once both sides get spotty golden brown, transfer the paratha to a plate or store in a casserole.

Answer (1 of 9): Thanks for the A2A. Roti is a flatbread, originated in India, and is made with ground wholewheat flour. It is a staple in most parts of India and Pakistan, and consumed in many other countries. It is made traditionally on a tawa and on direct flames, and is a lighter bread. Heal.

paratha: [noun] an unleavened Indian wheat bread that is usually fried on a griddle.

Coil the first shape into a spiral. Flour a rolling surface lightly and very gently roll out the spiral into a flat circle about 5 inches in diameter (1/3 inch thick). Grease the top surface with the ghee-flour mix. Roll the next shape in the same way, and place over the first circle. This makes 1 lachcha paratha.

Matar Paratha. Matar Paratha is a paratha with a green peas filling. To make a Matar Paratha, the peas are to be boiled in water along with salt. After boiling, churn them in the grinder to make the base for the stuffing. Add masala to taste, or even mashed potatoes to make aloo matar paratha. 3.

Making Paratha Dough. Combine 2 cups whole wheat flour or atta, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon oil in a wide mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Oil is optional. Now to make paratha dough, slowly add water. Quantity of water usually depends on the quality of the flour.

Roll into a 4-inch circle. Place one potato filling ball in the center and close the ends of the rolled dough. Lightly flatten and roll the paratha into a 6 to 8-inch circle. Preheat the pan on medium heat. Place the paratha on the pan and cook until both sides are golden brown.

Instructions. Place the flour, salt and 1 tablespoon oil in a bowl and mix until the oil has dispersed through the flour. Add enough water to make a stiff but pliable dough. Set the dough aside for at least 30 minutes so it can relax and roll out easily. Roll the dough on a floured surface into a rectangle, about 10 X 7 inches.

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