이하이 (LeeHi) - '구원자 (Savior) (Feat. B.I)' Lyrics / 가사 [Han, Eng] Romanized Lyrics on English CC mp3 download

고맙습니다 김한빈
고맙습니다 이하이님


Did you see the lyric at 1:36 ?
This part reminds me of an article I've read about Hanbin
He said (as the defendant in his first trial):

"I made a completely foolish mistake in the past. I was young and naive, but even so, I was a foolish for what I did. I hurt my family. For a time, I thought that I no longer wanted to live"

He was just a teen, we don't know what he had to been through for him to make that kind of decision.

And the clip that I added there.. um..
It was just..
I actually have learnt somewhere that if the first drop of your tears comes from the left eye, that means a sad cry, sad tears. I guess, he has some sad matters on his mind when they record the scene

My tears was actually dropped a bit when I first watch that part in the MV. I guess, it was my soft side when it's related to this kind of matter.

Dude, Kim Hanbin is such a precious person. I wanna thanks Lee Hi so much for being his best friend.

I'm really sorry if you feel like I'm too focus on Hanbin instead of Lee Hi. I'm really really sorry.

Anyway guys. ermm

Just in case if anyone out there feel like they wanna spend some money, doing good deeds, or wanna make me feel appreciated out of the blue

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Thank you in advance (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
No I'm just- kinda in need of money haha

Moenie vergeet om getrou te bly nie. Laai liedjies op hierdie webwerf af !!!
Title 이하이 (LeeHi) - '구원자 (Savior) (Feat. B.I)' Lyrics / 가사 [Han, Eng] Romanized Lyrics on English CC
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